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It's been awhile since we've posted, but we wanted to wait to hear back from a potential supplier before posting. As some of you may know, one of the hardest things to source for this game is actually the bag to hold everything in. Kayla made some outstanding premium quality bags for Pacificon, but in mass production, our sewing machine would probably not survive. Finding someone who can mass produce bags like that has been a challenge, but we found a unique supplier who may be able to execute on our vision.

Sample of potential final packaging for Trinity.

As mentioned in our previous post, durability is something we are looking for in a bag and this bag is made out of neoprene so it should be able to withstand some harsh environments such as rocks, dirt, and being squished in someone's bag. In addition, these bags come with a carabiner so it can be clipped to a bag or belt or anything else that strikes your fancy. We learned quite a bit about the Pantone color system when designing this sample and the forest green really seems to stand out. We're pretty excited about these samples and should get them in our hands in the next couple of weeks. Once we receive them, we'll test them to make sure they meet our requirements.

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