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Trinity at Pacificon Protospiel

Over Labor Day weekend, we're going to be at the Protospiel event at Pacificon playtesting Trinity. For those who don't know, a protospiel is an event where board game designers get to test their games with real players to see if things like the rules make sense, how long the game takes, and most importantly whether players are having fun. We're really excited for this as we want to finetune any remaining bugs. One of the key goals in developing Trinity was ensuring that the rules were clear and concise and did not have a lot of corner cases to explain. When players get Trinity, we expect them to use the rules for the first few games and then never have to look at it again.

To prep for Pacificon, Kayla spent all weekend learning and then making bags to hold the game. They feel quite luxurious. Her inner perfectionism was on full display.

We wanted Trinity to be portable and durable so players can take it with them wherever they want to go. During our backpacking and camping trips, we've always struggled finding the right portable game to bring with us. Either the game is too big to carry or too simple to really enjoy. We think Trinity can fill that gap. It is compact and light enough to fit into a backpack and it definitely makes you think. The board is made of neoprene rubber so it can grip onto any surface like a rock, wood, or just plain dirt. The pebbles are...well...pebbles.

Shackleton is curious, are you?

If you're looking to learn about and play some great new games this weekend, then stop by Pacificon to try out Trinity and provide us some feedback!

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