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Trinity: Playtesting at Pacificon

Today was the first day that we had the chance to do some playtesting at Pacificon! We were able to play Trinity with a wide variety of awesome board gamers, and get some really helpful and exciting feedback to make the game more engaging. We even discussed and playtested some new advanced rule options for more experienced Trinity players - special thanks to Ta-Te from Sunrise Tornado Game Studios for helping inspire and work through the added mechanics (by the way, his upcoming game, Promenade, is a blast for any deck building fan).

Overall, Pacificon has been a really exciting time for us to speak with other game designers about their experience designing and publishing games. It's also been really amazing to try out some great prototypes that we can't wait to find in our friendly local game stores. We loved getting a "taste" of Consumption with designer Karen, as well as having some "zen" time playing The One Hundred Torii with Scott.

We'll be at Pacificon for the rest of the weekend play testing Trinity - so definitely stop by the Protospiel to come check us out along with some other upcoming games!

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